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This page classifies different units to different ranks depending on how good they are in Infinite Mode and Casual Modes (Story/Raids/Portals/Stages). Anyone can edit anything in Wiki, the Wiki came back because someone reverted it back after someone randomly deleted it all. I'm just a random person writing this.

Units are ranked based on the following statistics:

  • DPS(Damage Per Second)
  • TDPS(Total Damage Per Second)
  • SPA(Second Per Attack)
  • AoE(Area of Effect)
  • (as well as many other properties of a unit; Cost, Abilities, Effects, etc)

The ranking of each unit does not invalidate the unit in other modes, some may be better or worse in certain stages, maps, or gamemodes. This tier list ranks units based on their base stats, and their potential including buffs, supports, and relics, however, disregards trait viability. For a community-based Tier List, go here.

For the Infinity Castle Tier List, go here.

The Tier List